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Discount Camel cigarettes

If you are looking for discount Camel cigarettes then you have come to the right web-shop. This classic cigarettes is particularly popular in Europe where it has set a standard in both quality and taste.

It was in 1913 when R.J.Reynolds developed the packaged cigarette. At that time it was common to roll your own cigarette. Reynolds used a Turkish paper, giving the cigarette a different flavor. It was a hit and Reynolds sold over sold over 425 million packs within the first year. The town in wich RJR was founded, Winston-Salem, got the nickname Camel City because of the immense popularity of the Camel brand. Camel uses Turkish tobacco, giving the cigarette a much more distinct taste. JT International, using Romanian tobacco sells filtered Camel cigarettes outside the USA.

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Camel Filters cigarettes are the perfect cigarette for a genuine smoking fan. They provide a strong but natural tobacco taste and flavor that is unmatched by most of the other types of full flavor cigarettes. Camel Filters cigarettes provide the perfect dose of nicotine. For cigarette fans who prefer the classic tobacco taste.

Camel Blue cigarettes are the R.J. Reynolds light cigarette variety. The cigarettes have all the flavor of the stronger cigarettes. The cigarettes are long-burning so smokers will never feel like they are rushing through their smoke break. Better yet, if left unattended, the cigarette stops burning on its own. The mild flavor makes Camel Blue the choice for smokers who prefer lighter cigarettes.

Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes are the perfect choice for experienced smokers. Their style, consistent quality and tobacco blend make them one of Camel's flagship products, and with their ever-growing high popularity. Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes are made of premium tobacco, giving these Camel cigarettes a superb and flavorful taste. They are everything you can desire in a cigarette.

Camel Silver cigarettes are satisfying, smooth and flavorful. Their tobacco blend is mild and fresh, making the Camel Silvers the natural successors of the former Light cigarette. Their superb tobacco quality combined with great taste and an exquisitely even burn makes Camel Silver cigarettes the perfect light smoking experience. Camel Silver cigarettes lead the way in the light cigarette market each and every time.

Camel Milds Orange cigarette are perfect for that relaxing feeling and letting the stress of the day float away in a cloud of smoke. The Camel Milds Orange cigarettes are of the very best quality, and feature the classic Camel flavor that you know and crave. Savvy smokers know that Camel Milds Orange cigarettes stimulate the mind and senses. They are everything you desire in a top quality cigarette.

Camel Natural Flavor 6 cigarettes are unlike any cigarette you have tasted before.   Made from the finest 100% whole leaf tobacco, Camel Natural Flavor 6 cigarettes contain no flavorings or additives. This allows smokers to truly taste the fine blend of tobacco that the Camel brand stands for. The natural white filter ensures that you get the smoothest smoke whith delicious flavors.

Camel Natural Flavor 8 cigarettes offer a perfectly balanced, additive-free tobacco blend of natural tobaccos that the Camel cigarettes are known for. Camel Natural Flavor 8 cigarettes are top of the charts in terms of style, flavor and quality. The shiny gold box adds to their allure, if you want the newest, latest and most stylish cigarettes available on the market; choose Camel Natural Flavor 8 cigarettes.

Camel Filters Soft Pack cigarettes have been popular for nearly a century. Camel Filters Soft Pack cigarettes are among Camel's top selling brands and one of the world's most popular cigarettes in general. Boasting a long burn time and a pleasing, smooth taste, these cigarettes are an American classic for woman and men alike. They have a rather high nicotine content that makes Camel filters a particularly potent cigarette.